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Educational Services Vs Iron Chairs

Educational Services Vs Iron Chairs

The education department provides health information, outreach and patient counseling. Volunteers are trained to provide one on one patient counseling regarding lifestyle changes, illnesses and general wellness. Most commonly, the department provides information about diet & exercise, hypertension, high cholesterol, contraception & sexually transmitted diseases, gastric reflux, kidney stones, and shoulder pain. The education department tailors the information given to our patient population and volunteers can help in the process of continually updating our library of materials and translating needed materials into Spanish.

Volunteers from the health professional schools can also give normal lab results out to patients and provide and answer questions patients may have regarding normal labs.

The education department also provides educational outreach to patients in the waiting room of the clinic. Each Saturday volunteers provide information to increase awareness of healthy living to patients waiting for appointments through posters, presentations, videos, and demonstrations. Topics include hand washing, flu prevention & treatment, healthy eating, and exercise.

Each Saturday a co-director for the education department is present in clinic to oversee the flow of patients through the department. The co-directors are also piloting a chronic disease tracking and prevention program that uses motivational interviewing over a series of visits to help patients make lasting lifestyle changes to address obesity and hypertension.

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