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How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved

The Yale School of Medicine, Nursing and PA students invite you to become a mentor and volunteer medical preceptor at the HAVEN Free Clinic. Please contact our Faculty Recruitment Coordinator, Felicity Lenes (felicity.lenes@yale.edu) if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering.

HAVEN Free Clinic is run by Yale health professions students in partnership with the Fair Haven Community Health Center.  The student clinic strives to promote healthcare, advocacy, volunteerism, education and community development.

HAVEN Free Clinic is dedicated to improving access to health care for uninsured individuals by:

  • Providing the uninsured of New Haven with free primary care, wellness education and assistance in securing health coverage.
  • Introducing students to the challenges of managing patient care with limited resources.
  • Researching barriers to health care access.

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, acting as volunteer faculty preceptors, are integral to the function and success of the clinic.  Faculty preceptors guide teams of senior and junior students through patient visits and management of care.  Preceptors are provided with a unique opportunity to mentor students across the disciplines of medicine, nursing, physicians associate, and public health.  Currently, we see an average of 15 patients per week and since our inception in November 2005, we have conducted over 1500 patient visits.

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