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The HAVEN Free Clinic owes its continued success to generous contributions from donors like you.  A contribution of any size helps us better serve our patient population.  If you would like to contribute to the HAVEN Free Clinic, we are able to accept donations online through the official Yale donation portal.  You may also contact our Finance Director, Jennifer Fischer at jennifer.fischer@yale.edu.

To donate to the HAVEN Free Clinic online, go to https://darcyportal.yale.edu/page.aspx?pid=319 or click the link below.  Please use the instructions below to donate.  We thank you for your support!

Please click here to donate online.


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1. Select “School of Medicine” from the “My contribution is to support” drop-down menu
2. Select “Other” from the “Area of support” drop-down menu
3. Enter “HAVEN Free Clinic” in the “Other Designation” field.

Thank you! Un mil gracias!


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